Roasted by Just Sizzlin'

ROASTED by Just Sizzlin’ was created with the Filipinos love for roasted food in mind.

ROASTED by Just Sizzlin’ provides new and yet familiar products. Another addition to the Just Sizzlin’ line of food brands, ROASTED aims to elevate the Filipinos love for roasted food.

“Lechon manok” or roasted chicken has long been popular. But all the other stores usually sell in them in wholes forcing a single person or a couple to spend more and buy too much for their consumption. Different people have different preferences over what the best chicken part is. When a thigh lover is forced to buy a whole chicken, the breast part is usually left untouched leading to food waste and over spending.

Most competing stores sell only 1 or 2 flavors, limiting the flavor options for Filipinos.  Just Sizzlin’s ROASTED CHICKEN initially offers 4 different flavor options – classic, lemongrass, herbed and sweet BBQ. With more flavor options coming, there will be no shortage of flavors to try and you’ll never get tired of the same boring lechon manok again.

With ROASTED, a family of four (4) can buy all thigh parts, all wing parts or any combination and still be able to choose what flavor each part is. Want it spicy? We can do that too!

Best lechon manok in bohol
boneless lechon belly in tagbilaran city

Another very popular Filipino dish is the “Lechon”. More recently, the boneless lechon belly has become the go-to choice due to its convenience and the fact that everything can be eaten with minimal waste.

ROASTED’s version of the boneless lechon belly with crispy skin & tender juicy meat is ROASTED PORK perfection. Unlike others, it is sold in grams to make sure you get your money’s worth. With only 100 grams as minimum, even a solo traveller can sample one of the best Filipino food without having to buy too much.

Come anytime and we’ll having a portion or two ready for you. If you’re having a party, just call early and we’ll roast a fresh slab. With only a minimum of 4 hours pre-order, we are able to provide your lechon needs faster than anyone in town. Since it is sold by weight and not by size estimates, you are assured that you get your money’s worth all the time, every time. If a spicy lechon is in mind, just let us know and we’ll make this as spicy as you want it to be.

To pair with these two (2) initial products, ROASTED by Just SIzzlin’ also offers convenience not available elsewhere. ROASTED accepts special advanced orders at the store, over the phone or even online. Cash and even card payments are accepted making ROASTED by Just Sizzlin’ the most convenient way to get your fix of delicious roasted products.

Initially offered as take-away products, you can now enjoy ROASTED CHICKEN or ROASTED PORK meal sets with unlimited rice at Just Sizzlin’. With a delivery system in the works, ROASTED will further elevate our love for roasted deliciousness.

If its ROASTED, its good!